Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photographic Revelations

   Well, I entered a writing contest and came out without being a winner. Not even a runner up. That's all right, though I would have enjoyed some more exposure with regard to the aim of what I write about while attempting to honor my Savior Jesus Christ.

   Here are portions of what I submitted, so that you might enjoy what I am still currently working on.

   Entitled, Photographic Revelations, each photo involves something we can learn from Scripture.

  Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota,  began with an artist’s vision that would re-shape a mountain top . He was involved in designing, planning, finding funds to support the work, time, and lots of patience.
  Gutzon Borglum was an unconventional artist, breaking the trends of traditional sculpting. Many of us have been to Georgia’s Stone Mountain. This was also one of his “trophies”. He was contracted to begin the work in 1927. The Great Depression caused a major setback as funds were totally unavailable. All four faces were mostly complete by March, 1941, when Borglum died after having surgery in Chicago. His son, Lincoln Borglum, supervised the completion of these carvings, which finally stopped in October of that year.
  God diligently works on carving our character. As we allow Him to hold the chisel, in spite of any pain that results, we will become more of what He wants us to be.

  Without even firing a shot, the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of our nation, which previously had stretched only from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River. President Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis and Clark to survey the new territory which had been bought. The Gateway Arch commemorates Jefferson’s vision of America’s expansion and the resultant three year adventure.

  The Arch is an architectural miracle. Each half by itself makes for two weak links. However, touching at the top seals the strength required for stability and the endurance required for lasting beauty. This 630 foot monument stands magnificently in the sky, and should be a reminder that we who are weak receive needed strength when we reach out and touch Him who reigns above.

 Another consideration is that each half by itself would have no support and collapse would be inevitable. Marriages often fail because one partner departs from their promise of teamwork made to their mate.

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  1. Love what you have written and your descriptions depicting our relationship to our Father.:)