Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Grand Canyon of Georgia

Providence Canyon, located in western Georgia, is called the “Little Grand Canyon of Georgia”. Uniquely beautiful, the colorful landscape did not really come naturally. Poor farming practices in the 19th century largely contributed to the erosive factors that created these pits and gullies over such a short time frame. Settlers plowed up and down while planting their crops, instead of wisely making rows that should have gone across in tiers.

Considering this, it comes to mind that we often make terrible mistakes in life, errors that cannot be erased and are there for all to see.

We are encouraged, even commanded, in Scripture to confess our faults one to another with the purpose of healing wounded spirits, including our own. To cover up our faults would be akin to dumping truckload after truckload of loose soil into Providence Canyon, thus removing any beauty learned in the process.

God’s ways, however, allow us to obtain a humble spirit, and as time passes on we are enabled to become the source of beauty others may need. Though irretrievable errors may be made in life’s choices, hang onto the fact that hope will always be there, for God can still use us. No matter what!

Example? Simple observation. Look at the photo again.

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