Friday, February 25, 2011

Osprey At Night

I miss seeing the special osprey that roosted in a tree in my front yard for several days. Perhaps I took too many pictures and the annoyance of my clicks "chased" it away. But I got some wonderful photos while taking time to do so. For that, I trust you will also enjoy the beauty I saw. That is the reason for these next few photos.
Notice the marking on the face, similar to a mask. This is all that was needed to know the difference between an osprey and an eagle. Taken at 9:00 pm on February 17th, you know it was very dark outside. But my Nikon P100 draws whatever light is available and utilizes it to make fantastic night shots. Love it! 

Small moon, but still a great shot. A branch towers at an angle at the top of the moon.

Radiant moon directly behind the bird and the barren tree.

Ghostly appearance, wouldn't you say? It was pretty spooky when I was standing with my camera, clicking away, when all of a sudden the osprey must have been glaring down at me with two very, very red eyes. But I was a brave soul and continued doing what I love, capturing the beauty of the moment.

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