Friday, December 31, 2010

Photos of Mission Trip to Natal, Brazil - August 2010

1. The Work

Day 1: Lots of dirt, not much more.
By the end of Day 1, big improvement!
Day 2: On the scaffold already.
Day 3: Rounded wall for the front of the church sanctuary.
Day 4: We keep hanging in there, and the work continues on!
Colleen Turner (right) gets to lay a brick
Day 5:
View from existing church balcony, indicating that much brick has been laid,
concrete poured, and shows the progress Starkey Road Baptist Church has made for
our sisters and brothers in Christ while working in Natal.
Colleen Turner was one of several hard workers.

This was truly a teamwork effort. Many hands made light work, for the purpose of shining the Light of Christ in this neighborhood as a testimony of our heartfelt interest in them for Him.
Taking a break from work to share the Gospel with curious children.
Other work activities:

Bonnie Turner (front right) was on this team and did other projects throughout the week.

Lots of flannelgraph Bible characters cut out ALL week long!

2. The Wonder

Though limited, we did have opportunity to relax by enjoying the scenery and delighting in different foods.
The Dune is a main tourist attraction in Natal, Brazil.
Dining, Brazilian style.

3. The Worship

Church service begins with a prayer that we did not understand, but we knew the heart
of the one who prayed and the God to whom that prayer was directed.
Our group gathers at the front for a photo.
Goodbyes and Gratitudes.

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